Monday, February 2, 2009

And so it begins

Welcome to 'The Kissing Tree'. My name is Dannii and I am the owner of The Kissing Tree. I have been a qualified florist for about 3 years now and have worked with some of the Coasts most experienced and successful florists. The idea for my own florist business has been in my head ever since I started three years ago. The goal was to have it up and running by my 30th birthday, and with only 10 days until that occurs, I am slightly behind schedule. As a florist I found that I would always get excited when a bride came in to my work to discuss her wedding flowers. It wasn't just the flowers that I wanted to know about, but the whole event. I just love weddings. All that love and happiness was a great contrast to my least favourite part of working as a florist - funerals. So it was only natural that when I was ready to start my own business, I would combine the two things that I loved. And now...... I'm ready.

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