Monday, November 30, 2009

After: Sarah's wedding

So here are Sarah's wedding flowers. We ended up going for something more structured with only a few flowers and lots of foliage.

Brides bouquet: pink oriental lilies and buds, rolled happy leaves, anthurium leaves and camellia leaves

The other bouquet was for Sarah's junior bridesmaid and she had a small version of the brides bouquet. Because the bride only had three lily flowers, we used only one for this bouquet (notice how florists mostly work with odd numbers?), with some rolled happy leaves and some camellia leaves:

It was great delivering Sarah's flowers because she loved them. And she even said that the image of the bouquet she had in her head that she had tried to explain to me - was exactly what I delivered. Yay!!!!!! Congratulations Sarah, I hope you had a beautiful wedding!!

After: Tamara's wedding

I have a few pictures to show you from Tamara's wedding so I will get straight into it.

Tamara really wanted roses for all of her flowers and only wanted small posies so that she didn't look and feel overwhelmed by their size.

Bride bouquet: posy of champagne roses and frame of camellia leaves

Bridesmaid bouquets: small posy of 'Cezanne' roses with a frame of camellia leaves (sorry the picture is a bit blurry)

The flowergirl had some petals for her little flower girl basket:

The groom and the parents had a buttonhole of a champagne rose on camellia leaf:

The ceremony was held at the 'Our Lady Star of the Sea' which is a Catholic church in Terrigal. We made a few arrangements for the church.

Here is an arrangement for 'Our Lady' using champagne roses and foliage:

We also made 4 tall arrangements to sit behind the altar using champagne roses and foliage. The arrangements were made in an upright, all round style so that they could be taken and displayed at the reception too:

There was also another arrangement we made for the front of the altar using champagne roses and foliage:

And a view of the front of the church showing the five main arrangements:

I was invited by Tamara's Mum to stay for the wedding ceremony. It was so lovely of her and such a shame that I couldn't because I still had another wedding to deliver. I am sure it was a beautiful wedding and I can't wait to talk to Tamara's Mum again to see how it all went.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Before: Sarah's wedding

Our next bride is Sarah.

Sarah came to see me a few months ago and she described the kind of bouquet she wanted as loose, unstructured, and not traditional. She found a picture in one of my flower magazines (pictured right) as the inspiration for her bouquet, but the only flowers to be used were the lilies with all of the foliages and draping grass.

For those of you who aren't my clients, I usually send my brides a confirmation of their order about a month before their weddings (and before I actually have to place my flower orders with suppliers). It gives them an opportunity to give everything one last look and make sure they are happy. It was at this time that Sarah had a few misgivings about what she had chosen so we made some minor adjustments.

Sarah knew what she wanted in her head and was trying to describe it to me so I would understand. Instead of all of the draping and messy kind of look of the bouquet, we changed it to something more structured with no draping bits. Sarah really liked the look of some folded thick leaves around the bouquet so I knew I had to include those. I think by the end of our conversation I said 'so 3 pink lilies with a few buds and then some folded leaves and other foliage'. It sounded good to Sarah so that is what I will be making for her.

Here are the flowers we are starting with:

Some camellia leaves, happy leaves and anthurium leaves, and pink oriental lilies.

I'll come back after the weekend to post some photos of how the bouquet turned out.

Before: Tamara's wedding

I have another 2 weddings this weekend to show you.

The first one is Tamara's. Tamara lives in Perth so her family (who are based on the Coast) were helping her to organise all of the details for her wedding. Tamara's Mum rang me a while ago to make some enquiries, and through talking, we found out that we knew some of the same people, which then led us to realising that I went to school with Tamara. She was in the year above me. It's such a small world!!!

Anyway, Tamara's wedding flowers are of roses, and we are also doing a few rose arrangements for the church.

Here is what we are starting with:

At the back of the picture is lots of greenery which we need for the church arrangements, and the camellia leaves to frame the bouquets. The champagne roses at the front will be used for the bride bouquet and church arrangements, whilst the two toned rose called 'Cezanne' will be used for the bridesmaids.

I'll be back after the weekend to show you how they look.

Monday, November 23, 2009

After: Vanessa's wedding

I never got a chance to meet Vanessa until her wedding day. She held her wedding at The Treetops resort at Avoca Beach, but she had to organise it from where she currently lives, which is all the way in Bourke. We managed to work out the flowers that Vanessa wanted through sending pictures on the email.

Here are Vanessa's flowers.

Bride bouquet: white oriental lilies, white singapore orchids and light pink roses with a frame of camellia leaves

Bridesmaids bouquets: the bridemaids had a smaller version of the bride - white oriental lilies, white sinagpore orchids, and light pink roses with a frame of camellia leaves

The boys had buttonholes of white singapore orchids on camellia leaves and the Mum's had corsages of white singapore orchids on camellia leaves.

I hope you had a wonderful wedding Vanessa!

After: Joanne's wedding

Just reporting back from our 2 weekend weddings.

I'll start with Joanne.

Joanne was a gorgeous bride. She chose the simple but absolutely elegant phalaenopsis orchid to have as her wedding flowers. For anyone thinking of these flowers, they are extremely expensive (at the flower market we are charged by the flower instead of by the bunch), and they are very fiddly to work with. But it is all worth it because they look gorgeous!

Here are Joanne's flowers. She wanted a really small posy that she could hold as she walked down the aisle, and then wanted to swap to a wrist corsage for the reception.

Bride bouquet: white phalaenopsis orchid with camellia leaves

Bride and bridesmaid wrist corsages: white phalaenopsis orchid on white pearl wristlet

The 3 year old flower girl just needed a flower to hold:

The groom, groomsmen, Dad's and Mum's wore a single white phalaenopsis orchid on camellia leaves:

The couple held their reception at one of my favourite venues - The Reef Terrigal.

We decorated the reception tables by scattering white and hot pink singapore orchid heads down the centre of each table:

And the cake had a few white phalaenopsis orchids and a few little white singapore orchids:
(cake by The Sweetest Things)

That is all from Joanne's wedding. Congratulations Joanne! I hope you enjoyed your special day.

Come back soon to see a couple of photos from the other wedding we had on the weekend.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

A completely self indulgent post from me today, because this time last year I was getting ready for my wedding day.

To my gorgeous husband - Happy 1st Anniversary!!! xxxx

Photo by: Delisser Photography

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Before: Joanne and Vanessa's wedding

Another weekend and another couple of weddings approaching! Here are the flowers we are using: clockwise from top left - camellia leaves, white singapore orchids, light pink roses, white oriental lilies, hot pink vanda orchids and white phalaenopsis orchids. The phalaenopsis orchids are a fragile flower so you will notice all of the cotton wool on the floor that was used to protect them. Our first bride Joanne is having a very small posy of phalaenopsis orchids to hold through the ceremony, and then she will swap to a wrist corsgae for the reception. Her bridesmaids will also be wearing phalaenopsis orchid wrist corsages, while the groom, groomsmen, Dad's and Mum's will wear one each as a buttonhole.
We are also using some of these flowers for Joanne's reception. A few phalaenopsis orchids will be used on top of and around the cake. Some of the white singapore orchids, and all of the hot pink vanda orchids will be used to decorate the tables. We are going to take all of the orchid flowers off the stems and scatter them down each table.
Our next bride Vanessa is having posy bouquets of white oriental lilies, white singapore orchids and light pink roses. The boys and Mum's will have buttonholes / corsages of white singapore orchids.
I'll make sure I take lots of photos and come back after the weekend to show you how it all turned out. :-)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

After: Isabel's wedding

Here is the second wedding order that I had on Saturday. I had never met Isabel before so it was great to see her reaction when I delivered the flowers. She loved them! Here are the flowers from Isabel's wedding. Bride bouquet: teardrop bouquet including cream roses, lemon roses, peach roses, orange roses, yellow spray roses, lemon mini gerberas, orange calla lilies and cream lisianthus.
Bridesmaid bouquets: they held small sprays of orange calla lilies and lemon mini gerberas
Here are all 5 bridesmaids bouquets together
Groom buttonhole: lemon rose and yellow spray roses on camellia leaves. The groomsmen had a single lemon rose on camellia and the dad's had a single peach rose on camellia (both not pictured)

I loved how the bridesmaid bouquets were so simple but very effective. For anyone on a tight flower budget, little sprays like that are a really good option and look so good.
Anyway it was such a beautiful day on Saturday, and I hope Isabel's wedding was amazing in every way!

After: Hanna's wedding

Well I had quite the busy weekend. My husband and I had to attend a wedding in the Hunter Valley on Saturday, and it was the first time we had been back there since our wedding last year. Awwwwwww........ there was alot of reminiscing going on. Conveniently, I also had one of my beautiful bride's getting married in the Hunter that day too, so on our way to the wedding we were attending, we had to make a slight detour to deliver Hanna's flowers. Hanna and Ryan were married at the beautiful Tatler's winery. Here are the flowers they had for their special day. Bride bouquet: posy of white peonies

Bridesmaids bouquets: smaller version of the bride, posy of white peonies

Buttonholes: white peony buds on camellia leaf

The parents had buttonholes and corsages also, but they used a different flower.
Dad's buttonholes: white lisianthus and bud on camellia leaf

Mum's corsages: one Mum had a dress corsage whilst the other had a wrist corsage (not pictured) of white lisianthus on camellia leaf
I loooovvvvee peonies! They are only available for a very short season starting in late October until early December. When they are closed they look like tight white balls, but they open into a massive fluffy flower. Hanna liked the look of the tighter flower, but I bet with the heat we had on Saturday that the flowers would have opened by the end of the day.
I hope you had a gorgeous wedding day Hanna. Congratulations to you and Ryan!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Before: Isabel's wedding

There is another wedding to show you from the weekend! I actually never met my bride Isabel at all! We planned all of her wedding flowers over the email. There were lots of questions from my side, and many pictures going back and forth so that I could understand the look she was trying to achieve. Isabel chose a full teardrop bouquet for herself and just something small and simple for her bridesmaids. Here are the flowers we are using - it's another dodgy iphone pic sorry! : From the top (clockwise): cream lisianthus, orange roses, ivory roses, peach roses, yellow spray roses, lemon roses, lemon mini gerberas and orange calla lilies. I'll post some pictures from this wedding soon so come back and see what I was able to do with these.

Before: Hanna's wedding

I met a lovely couple, Hanna and Ryan a few months ago. They were planning a Hunter Valley wedding (where I was married last year), so of course I got all excited at the prospect of working with them. And then it got even better when Hanna chose the same flowers for her bouquets that I had in mine! Here are the flowers we are using for their wedding (sorry for the dodgy iphone pic):
From the top of the photo there are white peonies in different stages of bloom. These will be used for the bridal party posies and buttonholes. And at the bottom of the photo are some white lisianthus which will be used for the parent buttonholes and corsages.
I'll post some photos of the finished product soon.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

After: Jasmyn's wedding

Here are a couple of photos of Jasmyn's bouquets. As I said earlier, it was my first wedding using artificial flowers because the frangipani's that Jasmyn were after are not in season yet. She was so happy when she saw her bouquets and that always makes me feel so great! Brides Bouquet: posy of white frangipani's and tropical frangipani's: A side view with silver ribbon:
Bridesmaids Bouquet: the 4 bridesmaids held posies of white frangipani's.
My congratulations go out to the gorgeous newlyweds!

After: Margaret's wedding

Here are some pictures I took of Margaret's wedding flowers before I had to run off and deliver them. The bride had a wired cascading bouquet of white oriental lilies and white singapore orchids:

This is such a dodgy picture of the next bouquet! I didn't realise that I was holding the bouquet on an angle so it looks kind of lopsided. I promise that I am a much better florist than photographer! LOL!!
Anyway, it is a wired cascade bouquet for the bridesmaid of red tiger lilies, red vanda orchids and red roses:

Now for the buttonholes. The groom had a white singapore orchid on camellia leaf and his groomsman had a red vanda orchid on camellia leaf:

The church that Margaret and Neil were being married in was a cute little church at Mangrove Mountain. The 2 arrangements I made for it included red roses, white singapore orchids, white oriental lilies and some foliage (both arrangements were the same to be placed on either side of the church):

So that is all I have to show you from Margaret and Neil's wedding. I hope they had a great day!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Before: Jasmyn's wedding

The other wedding I had on the weekend was for Jasmyn. We originally organised all of Jasmyn's flower details while talking on the email. Jasmyn fell in love with frangipani's which unfortunately are not in season right now. So after briefly meeting her and showing her an example of an artificial frangipani and the colours available, she decided to go ahead with them instead. This was my very first artificial wedding! And it turned out great. This is what the artificial frangipani flowers look like when they first get unpacked from the box. The 2 colours used were tropical and white:
And once I wired them and opened them all up, they looked like this:

I must admit that I have never been a big fan of artificial flowers. But when I saw the frangipani's, I thought they looked fantastic. What do you think? Would you have known that they were artificial if I hadn't of said anything?
I'll be back later to post some pictures of what they ended up like.

Before: Margaret wedding

I had two weddings on the weekend and fell a little bit behind with my blog posts. So hopefully it is OK if I catch up on it now.
The first wedding was for Margaret and Neil. This couple came to meet me a few months ago and they were soooooo lovely. Margaret had fallen in love with one of the bouquets on my website so she knew what she wanted for her bouquet before she even came through the door. We just had to work out the bridesmaid bouquet, buttonholes and a couple of arrangements for the gorgeous little church that they were getting married at.
Anyway, here are the flowers we are using this week:

We have white singapore orchids, red vanda orchids, red roses, camellia leaves, white oriental lilies and red tiger lilies.
Check back later and see what I got to turn them in to.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

After: Nina-Jay's wedding

Oh my gosh I have a photo overload! But you all like looking at pictures don't you?
I said in my previous post that I wouldn't get the opportunity to meet this wonderful couple, but I actually did get to meet the groom on the morning of the wedding. He is great - and so is his family, I just love them!
Nina-Jay was an absolutely gorgeous bride, and from what she has told me, it was a perfect day for everyone! Congratulations to the newlyweds. You really deserved a wonderful wedding and I am so happy that you have such great memories to look back on.
Anyway, here are some of the photos that I took of my arrangements on the day. Lisa from Lisa Lent photography was the photographer for the wedding and you can visit her site to see some of her stunning photos from this beautiful wedding:
The bride had the same style of bouquet that I made last week, a small elegant posy of white calla lilies:

The buttonhole for the groom and the Father's was of a single white calla lily on camellia leaf:

Dress corsages for the Mum's were of champagne singapore orchids on camellia leaf:

The ceremony was held at the house of the grooms parents. It was a beautiful property with stunning ocean views over Terrigal. Ruth (the Mother of teh groom) asked me to make up some arrangements to decorate the house.
This one was to sit on a table at the front entry of the house. Ruth wanted something bright so we decided on pink oriental lilies, white singapore orchids, hot pink roses and blue cornflower with some foliage and palm:

This arrangement was made to sit on the long dining table. It has the same flowers in it as the previous arrangement:

This is the arrangement we made to sit on the signing table. It is slightly different to the others as it was going outside in the garden where the ceremony was being held, and we wanted it to include the same flowers / colours that were being used to decorate the reception. It has pink oriental lilies, white singapore orchids, and white roses with foliage and palm:

These are the entry and dining table arrangements set up in the house:

Now on to the reception. This was held at 'The Letterbox Restaurant' in Terrigal. The staff there were extremely nice and genuinely excited to hold Nina-Jay and Russell's wedding there.
Here is the flower spray I did for the wedding cake. It is of pink oriental lilies and white singapore orchids:

And all of the tables had an arrangement on it of pink oriental lilies, white singapore orchids, white roses with foliage, and a candle in the middle:

And here is the reception all set up:

I'm all done. Told you there would be alot of photos! :-)