Saturday, October 31, 2009

Before: Nina-Jay's wedding

Nina-Jay and Russell are getting married this weekend, and even though I am doing their wedding flowers, I will never get to actually meet them! This couple is from QLD and unfortunately due to an illness in the family, they have had to change all of the wedding plans they had organised for next year, and quickly put together a wedding to be held on the Central Coast. Luckily they had the mother of the groom Ruth who stepped in to help organise a few things, and one of them were the flowers! Ruth is someone that I just 'clicked' with straight away and I enjoyed working out all of the flower details with her. Nina-Jay was able to send me a photo of what she wanted for her bouquet and Ruth took care of the rest so it all ended up being a simple process. This is what we are working with this week: We have some roses, singapore orchids, calla lilies, lots of vibernum and heaps of pink oriental lilies. The calla lilies are going to be used for the bridal bouquet and buttonholes, whilst all of the other flowers are for the ceremony and reception arrangements. I'll be back to show you how it all turned out.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

After: Mira's wedding (part 2)

I managed to get some photos of Mira's wedding bouquets! Yay!
My favourite wedding photographer, Julie from Delisser photography, sent me a few images of Mira's flowers last night. Thanks Julie, they look great!
Here we go.......
Mira's bouquet of calla lilies:

The bridesmaids only carried 3 stems of calla lilies but it looked so elegant:

More of Mira's flowers:

I love how Mira's mantilla veil falls around this one:

And a couple more from the reception.
Vases of the calla lilies were at the entrance of the restaurant:

Just looking at this picture of the white freesias is making me relive the smell. Their fragrance is gorgeous:

The tables:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

After: Mira's wedding

I am going to have to disappoint you this week - because I didn't get photos of Mira's bouquets!
The ceremony started at 11am on Friday morning so I spent the morning setting up the reception venue, and delivering the bridal party bouquets. In the rush of trying to get myself ready in time to attend the wedding, I didn't take any photos! Ooopps.
This is the only picture I have of the calla lily bridal bouquet - it isn't finished so I can't believe I am going to show you! You will notice that the stems still have to be cut and the ribbon needs to be tied to the bouquet:

The ceremony was held at The Star of the Sea, Terrigal. Here are the calla lily pew ends that I placed on the very front pews. We just had to tie them on neatly because I was strictly instructed by the bride that there were to be no bows:

And then we continued on to the reception which was held at The Reef restaurant in Terrigal. It was just gorgeous, take a look at the view:

I have a few brides that are having their reception at The Reef and I can confidently recommend this venue. The service was great and the food was fantastic. We even got to choose our main meal - from the chicken, beef, fish or vegetarian (I chose the beef and it was soooooo good).
For the reception flowers, Mira wanted a 'just picked out of the garden', no fuss look. So we had 3 vases - one smaller vase of white sweet peas, a taller one in the middle of white lisianthhus and another smaller vase of white freesias. Everyone kept commenting on how beautiful they looked and Mira was really happy with them:

After the reception, we all headed over to the Lord Ashley bar for some drinks and nibblies. It was a perfect day and Mira looked like she had the time of her life. I am so happy for my dear friend.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Before: Mira's wedding

My best friend is getting married tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell that I am a bit excited? Mira and I have been great friends since high school, and she was right there beside me as my bridesmaid when I was married last year. I've been counting down the days until her wedding for aaagggggees and now it is finally here. It's going to be such a beautiful day. Here are the flowers that we are using:
From the top left there are white lisianthus, white freesias, white calla lilies and at the front are white sweet peas.
The lisianthus, freesias and sweet peas will be used to decorate the reception tables, and we will use the calla lilies for the bridal party bouquets. The bouquets will be extremely simple, with the two bridesmaids carrying just 3 stems of calla's whilst Mira will have a really small posy.
I'll be back to post some pictures after the weekend. Wooooooooo hoo 16 hours to go!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

After: Odette's Wedding

I'm back to post some photos from Odette's wedding - and there are lots!
Here is the bridal bouquet - Odette had a posy of white roses, champagne roses and 'julia' roses, with white and cream lisianthus, white freesias, white chincherinchee buds, some dodda vine throughout and a frame of magnolia leaves with both sides of the leaf used:
This is what the two bridesmaids had - a smaller version of the brides bouquet, but with a few extra 'julia' roses in it:

The groom's buttonhole - a white rose with some dodda vine on magnolia leaves:

And the Mum's wore a dress corsage of white roses, white chincherinchee buds with some dodda vine on magnolia leaves:
The reception was held at the Trojans Rugby Club at Terrigal Haven. It's a great venue!
For the bridal table we did a long trail of dodda vine with some rose heads intertwined in it:
The guest tables had some candles in a sand bed - which suits the beach theme perfectly. And on either side of that we had a trail of dodda vine with some rose heads:
And lastly - we just put some roses on and around the cake. How yummy does this croquembouche look!!! *Drool*
That is all there is to show you from Odette's wedding. The weather was absolutely amazing for their beach wedding yesterday and I hope the wedding was just as fantastic. Congratulations Odette and Steve!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Before: Odette's wedding

I first met Odette about a year ago. She works at the Erina Scrapbook Store, and had organised a baby shower for a mutual friend that works with her. I didn't know anyone else at the baby shower besides my friend, and I had never even been to a baby shower before so I felt a bit nervous before it. But I shouldn't have worried because Odette and her team of girls from the Erina Scrapbook Store had organised a really fun afternoon and I had a great time. We crossed paths again earlier this year when Odette spoke to me about doing her wedding flowers. And then coincidently, we both had our first wedding expo at Diggers. I had my stall as The Kissing Tree and Odette and her sister Bec had their stall as Erina Scrapbook Store. I had a good stickybeak at their stall, and the invitations they had were gorgeous! If you need some inspiration for your wedding invitations, I can recommend Erina Scrapbook Store. All of the girls there are so friendly and are full of advice and ideas that will help you out. They can make all of your invitations for you, or if you would prefer to DIY, they have many supplies in store to choose from. Anyway, I don't have any pictures of the flowers I am working with this week. But here is a photo of the bouquet that we are using as our inspiration: All of the bouquets are going to look similar to this (but we are using different coloured roses). And I have to set up some flowers at their reception venue so I will have some photos from there to share.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

After: Kym and Andy's wedding

I am back to post photos from the wedding I had on the weekend. I really enjoyed meeting Kym and Andy and I think they are the cutest couple! I really hope the rain held off long enough to have the garden wedding that they wanted. Here are some photos of the flowers...... Kym's bridal bouquet was a small posy of white roses, white lisianthus and white singapore orchids: The bridesmaids had really small posies of white roses and white singapore orchids: The boys had buttonholes of white roses, and the girls had individually wired singapore orchids in their hair. Kym had a small hair comb of the singapore orchids: And then we also had a small simple spray of singapore orchids on the cake:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Before: Kym and Andy's wedding

This weekend is Kym and Andy's wedding. I met this sweet couple about 6 months ago when I had only just started 'The Kissing Tree'. They came to my very empty studio (it didn't even have a couch!), to discuss their requirements and I was so excited when they decided to go ahead and book me. They were my first 'official' clients and I have been eagerly awaiting their wedding day.
So here are the flowers we are working with:

Starting at the back we have some white singapore orchids, then some white roses, a couple of bunches of white lisianthus and some camellia leaves.
Kym wantes really small, simple posy bouquets. She will have some roses, lisianthus and orchids in her bouquet, and her 3 bridesmaids will carry posies of roses and orchids. I am also making an orchid hair comb, some loose orchid hair flowers, some rose buttonholes and an orchid spray for the top of their cake.
I'll be back with some pictures in a couple of days. Have a great long weekend everyone!