Thursday, October 29, 2009

After: Mira's wedding (part 2)

I managed to get some photos of Mira's wedding bouquets! Yay!
My favourite wedding photographer, Julie from Delisser photography, sent me a few images of Mira's flowers last night. Thanks Julie, they look great!
Here we go.......
Mira's bouquet of calla lilies:

The bridesmaids only carried 3 stems of calla lilies but it looked so elegant:

More of Mira's flowers:

I love how Mira's mantilla veil falls around this one:

And a couple more from the reception.
Vases of the calla lilies were at the entrance of the restaurant:

Just looking at this picture of the white freesias is making me relive the smell. Their fragrance is gorgeous:

The tables:

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  1. Best wedding flowers ever! They couldn't have been more perfect! Exactly as I had imagined xx Mira


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