Tuesday, October 27, 2009

After: Mira's wedding

I am going to have to disappoint you this week - because I didn't get photos of Mira's bouquets!
The ceremony started at 11am on Friday morning so I spent the morning setting up the reception venue, and delivering the bridal party bouquets. In the rush of trying to get myself ready in time to attend the wedding, I didn't take any photos! Ooopps.
This is the only picture I have of the calla lily bridal bouquet - it isn't finished so I can't believe I am going to show you! You will notice that the stems still have to be cut and the ribbon needs to be tied to the bouquet:

The ceremony was held at The Star of the Sea, Terrigal. Here are the calla lily pew ends that I placed on the very front pews. We just had to tie them on neatly because I was strictly instructed by the bride that there were to be no bows:

And then we continued on to the reception which was held at The Reef restaurant in Terrigal. It was just gorgeous, take a look at the view:

I have a few brides that are having their reception at The Reef and I can confidently recommend this venue. The service was great and the food was fantastic. We even got to choose our main meal - from the chicken, beef, fish or vegetarian (I chose the beef and it was soooooo good).
For the reception flowers, Mira wanted a 'just picked out of the garden', no fuss look. So we had 3 vases - one smaller vase of white sweet peas, a taller one in the middle of white lisianthhus and another smaller vase of white freesias. Everyone kept commenting on how beautiful they looked and Mira was really happy with them:

After the reception, we all headed over to the Lord Ashley bar for some drinks and nibblies. It was a perfect day and Mira looked like she had the time of her life. I am so happy for my dear friend.

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