Monday, September 28, 2009

After: Bernie's wedding

Well I am back to show you how Bernie's wedding flowers turned out. It was such a beautiful wedding. I was lucky enough to get to stay for the ceremony and I have never been as emotional and had as much fun as I did at Bernie's wedding. It was a very personal service and there was so much love. My favourite part was when Father George got Bernie to play her piano (she plays the piano for the church band), and she sang the song "Everything' to her new adoring husband. Congratulations Bernie and Jamie! Thank you so much for letting me share your beautiful wedding day. I hope you both have a very happy, healthy and long life together.
So I suppose you want to see some flowers!
Here is Bernie's wedding bouquet: consisting of ivory roses, white lisianthus and a touch of purple lisianthus

And the bridesmaids: consisting of ivory roses, mauve roses, white lisianthus and purple lisianthus

The flower girls held cute little wands: consisting of ivory spray roses and purple lisianthus

And finally the buttonholes and corsages: consisting of ivory roses and purple lisianthus

Friday, September 25, 2009

Before: Bernie's wedding

I am looking so forward to this weekend! My dear friend Bernie is getting married!
Bernie and I met in primary school and continued on to high school together. We lost touch after school for many years but managed to bump in to each other again on the ever famous 'facebook' (as many people do). I was really excited when I met up with Bernie to discuss her wedding flowers. There was soooooooo many years of catching up to do and I found that she is still just as gorgeous as she ever was.
Bernie is having bouquets featuring roses and lisianthus. Lisianthus is a flower available most times of the year, but wouldn't you know it? All of a sudden the lisianthus have become extremely rare at market! It has been an extremely anxious week for me just praying that I could get them and when I turned up to market this morning, my supplier came up with the goods! I'm extremely happy!
So these are the flowers that I am working with:
From the top left: pink tiger lilies (for some special gift bouquets that Bernie would like to hand out at the reception), camellia leaves, vibernum leaves, ivory roses and white lisianthus for the bride, and 4 other buckets of ivory roses, white lisianthus, and mauve roses for the bridesmaids, and a seperate vase of purple lisianthus to be used throughout all of the bouquets.
I'll be back after the weekend with some pictures of how Bernie's flowers turned out. I hope she loves them!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I Do Cupcakes (& more)

I Do Cupcakes has just relocated to the Central Coast.
My sister Gerri is the owner of I Do Cupcakes and has been servicing many weddings in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley market with her delicious cakes. Now she has opened her very own cafe/bakery in Gosford so we can finally have access to all of the yumminess!
Her cafe/bakery is called I Do Cupcakes & more and is located in William Street, Gosford. It's right across the road from the new look Kibble park. She makes cupcakes, pastries, tarts, cakes, croissants, scones, pies and sausage rolls, quiches, sandwiches, and a variety of hot food. And on top of all of that, she still does wedding cakes and other events. Go and check it out.
Here is a quick tour:
How cute is Gerri, all happy making her cupcakes?!
Here is a small selection of her famous cupcakes (there are more than 20 flavours available): chocolate jaffa mud cake, white chocolate mud cake and chocolate peppermint mud cake
MMmmmmmmmm - custard tarts:
Strawberry tarts and fruit tarts:
and some profiteroles:

Oh - I just made myself very hungry!

Monday, September 14, 2009

After: Janine's wedding

What a gorgeous weekend we just had! The sun was beaming, there was a light wind, it wasn't too hot but wasn't cold at all - GORGEOUS! And absolutely perfect for a wedding.
On Saturday I had to deliver Janine's wedding flowers. Here are a few photos of what she had.
Brides Bouquet - a wired teardrop bouquet of white and yellow tulips with camellia leaves

Bridesmaids Bouquets - small natural stem posy bouquets of yellow tulips with a frame of camellia leaves
The groom had a buttonhole with a yellow tulip and a couple of white singapore orchids on camellia leaves, whilst his two groomsmen had a plain yellow tulip on camellia leaves. His mother had a dress corsage of white singapore ochids
Janine also had a buttonhole for her Dad with a single yellow tulip on camellia leaves, and her Mum had a white singapore orchid dress corsage. Janine also had some white singapore orchids wired individually to place in her hair
And lastly, the bridesmaids had some yellow vanda orchids individually wired to place in their hair, and the flower girls wore a halo of yellow vanda orchids and had some yellow petals to throw around
It would have been such a gorgeous wedding! I hope you had a wonderful day Janine!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Before: Janine's wedding

It's another fun wedding weekend! Janine is getting married on Saturday and I will be busy making all of the arrangements tomorrow. The bridal bouquet will be a teardrop shape of white and yellow tulips, and her two bridesmaids will have small posies of yellow tulips. There will also be two little flower girls who will carry baskets of yellow rose petals and have a halo of yellow vanda orchids in their hair. They're going to look so cute! And lastly we will have the buttonholes, corsages, and a few single orchids to be used as hair flowers. So this is what I am starting with: (someone seriously has to teach me how to take a clear photo)! So from the bottom left we have some camellia, above it are some white singapore orchids, then we have some white and yellow tulips (some of them are still a bit green so I will leave them out overnight to get the morning sun and some warm air and they will colour up. The other ones that are ready to use will find a home in the fridge until I need them). Lastly, at the bottom of the photo are the yellow vanda orchids that we will use for hair flowers and halo's. I'll come back next week and show you how everything looked.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Flower Of The Month

It is the first day of Spring and I absolutely adore this time of year. The sun shines again, the days are longer, there is a sweet scent in the air, and there are so many gorgeous varieties of flowers that come into season. One such flower is the sweet pea.
Not just sweet by name, they also have the sweetest perfume ever. They look pretty, delicate and dainty which gives a light fluffy texture when used in bouquets.
Flower: Sweet Pea
Botanical Name: Lathyrus
Origin: Sicily
Season: late Winter and Spring
Colour/s: white, cream, pink shades, mauve shades, purple and maroon
Meaning: delicate or blissful pleasure