Friday, September 25, 2009

Before: Bernie's wedding

I am looking so forward to this weekend! My dear friend Bernie is getting married!
Bernie and I met in primary school and continued on to high school together. We lost touch after school for many years but managed to bump in to each other again on the ever famous 'facebook' (as many people do). I was really excited when I met up with Bernie to discuss her wedding flowers. There was soooooooo many years of catching up to do and I found that she is still just as gorgeous as she ever was.
Bernie is having bouquets featuring roses and lisianthus. Lisianthus is a flower available most times of the year, but wouldn't you know it? All of a sudden the lisianthus have become extremely rare at market! It has been an extremely anxious week for me just praying that I could get them and when I turned up to market this morning, my supplier came up with the goods! I'm extremely happy!
So these are the flowers that I am working with:
From the top left: pink tiger lilies (for some special gift bouquets that Bernie would like to hand out at the reception), camellia leaves, vibernum leaves, ivory roses and white lisianthus for the bride, and 4 other buckets of ivory roses, white lisianthus, and mauve roses for the bridesmaids, and a seperate vase of purple lisianthus to be used throughout all of the bouquets.
I'll be back after the weekend with some pictures of how Bernie's flowers turned out. I hope she loves them!


  1. Danni, the flowers were simply perfect! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.

  2. So, they are really fresh flowers? That's nice.


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