Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Local Wedding Magazines

Hey there!

I have noticed that the new editions of a couple of local wedding magazines have come out in the last few weeks.

White is a wedding magazine that covers the Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley and even further. The one thing I especially love about this magazine is all of the real wedding stories.

Another magazine that came out recently is the Newcastle & Central Coast Wedding magazine. If you are planning a wedding in the area, you should get this one as a starting point. It only comes out once a year and has so many suppliers in it for you to look at.

I advertised in it this year. You may remember me the photo shoot that I posted about in November and me showing you the bouquet I had made for it. Well here is how it looks through the lens of a professional...

And do you know what was even more surprising when I flipped through the magazine? There are a few photos from my wedding in there! Even the page that introduces the 'flower' section is a full page of my actual wedding bouquet! So unexpected!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

After: Lyn's wedding

One last wedding to show you and it's only a little one. I met a Lyn last year when she was helping to organise her daughter's wedding flowers. You may remember our beautiful bride Louise who was married in February? Well now it was Lyn's turn to get married.

When she was looking through my wedding flower magazine's trying to find something that Louise would like, she actually saw a bouquet that she loved! Little did she know at the time that she would be back to see me in a few months to order that bouquet for her own wedding.

This is the picture that Lyn wanted to base her bouquet on. She loved how different it was:

And this is how it turned out..... I probably should have taken the photo from the same angle as teh magazine picture above so that you could compare it properly

Bride Bouquet: posy of cream roses, cream kale and fuchsia feathers (Lyn's dress was fuchsia)

And she also had a couple of wands of pink mini roses made up for her GrandDaughters (so cute!):

It was so interesting to use kale in a wedding bouquet. Kale is also known as 'Ornamental Cabbage' and it has the same scent as a cabbage too. This is what they looked like before I stripped them back to put in the bouquet:

Lyn absolutely loved her bouquet! It was so great to work with you again Lyn. Congratulations!!

After: Elizabeth's wedding

Another wedding we had this weekend was for Elizabeth.

Bride Bouquet: posy of white roses, white tulips, hot pink gerberas, hot pink freesias, hot pink vanda orchids and privet berry (the photos of this bouquet just don't do it justice as the hot pink flowers were really vibrant and bold)

Bridesmaids Bouquet: the bridesmaids had an all white version of the bride (and they were wearing the fuchsia coloured dresses), posy of white roses, white tulips, white mini gerberas, white freesias, white singapore orchids and privet berry

Elizabeth absolutley loved her bouquets! It's so nice to be able to deliver something that the bride is so happy about and gushes over.

Congratulations Elizabeth! I hope you had an amazing wedding and I look forward to seeing some pics!

After: Jacqui's wedding

I love how Jacqui's bouquets turned out. She was after an unsrtuctured style and the colours she chose were so pretty together. I only have pictures of the bouquets to show you - but I'm sure by now you all know how my buttonholes and corsages look.

Bride Bouquet: posy of ivory roses, mauve roses, purple lisianthus, purple freesias, white freesias, mauve hyacinths, privet berry and dusty miller

Bridesmaid Bouquets: they had a smaller version of the bride, a posy of ivory roses, mauve roses, purple lisianthus, purple freesias, white freesias, mauve hyacinths, privet berry and dusty miller

Jacqui held her wedding ceremony in the cutest little church. It's the Holy Cross Church at Kincumber.

Church Arrangements: two tall arrangements were made and placed at the front of the church. They consisted of ivory roses, mauve roses, purple lisianthus, purple freesias, and white freesias

I hope you had teh most lovely day Jacqui! I can't wait to hear about all of the details.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Before photos

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that I have been flat out this week so there will be no 'before' pictures for this weekends weddings. So sorry. But I will have some 'after' photos coming up shortly.

This is actually the end of my busy season and I have a couple of months off before my next lot of weddings start again. I haven't had a weekend off since February so I am actually looking forward to a little break. Although I still have one more weekend to get through as I'll be working at my former boss's shop for Mother's Day next weekend. It's all fun.

I hope you are all having a great weekend.