Saturday, October 31, 2009

Before: Nina-Jay's wedding

Nina-Jay and Russell are getting married this weekend, and even though I am doing their wedding flowers, I will never get to actually meet them! This couple is from QLD and unfortunately due to an illness in the family, they have had to change all of the wedding plans they had organised for next year, and quickly put together a wedding to be held on the Central Coast. Luckily they had the mother of the groom Ruth who stepped in to help organise a few things, and one of them were the flowers! Ruth is someone that I just 'clicked' with straight away and I enjoyed working out all of the flower details with her. Nina-Jay was able to send me a photo of what she wanted for her bouquet and Ruth took care of the rest so it all ended up being a simple process. This is what we are working with this week: We have some roses, singapore orchids, calla lilies, lots of vibernum and heaps of pink oriental lilies. The calla lilies are going to be used for the bridal bouquet and buttonholes, whilst all of the other flowers are for the ceremony and reception arrangements. I'll be back to show you how it all turned out.

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