Friday, October 16, 2009

Before: Odette's wedding

I first met Odette about a year ago. She works at the Erina Scrapbook Store, and had organised a baby shower for a mutual friend that works with her. I didn't know anyone else at the baby shower besides my friend, and I had never even been to a baby shower before so I felt a bit nervous before it. But I shouldn't have worried because Odette and her team of girls from the Erina Scrapbook Store had organised a really fun afternoon and I had a great time. We crossed paths again earlier this year when Odette spoke to me about doing her wedding flowers. And then coincidently, we both had our first wedding expo at Diggers. I had my stall as The Kissing Tree and Odette and her sister Bec had their stall as Erina Scrapbook Store. I had a good stickybeak at their stall, and the invitations they had were gorgeous! If you need some inspiration for your wedding invitations, I can recommend Erina Scrapbook Store. All of the girls there are so friendly and are full of advice and ideas that will help you out. They can make all of your invitations for you, or if you would prefer to DIY, they have many supplies in store to choose from. Anyway, I don't have any pictures of the flowers I am working with this week. But here is a photo of the bouquet that we are using as our inspiration: All of the bouquets are going to look similar to this (but we are using different coloured roses). And I have to set up some flowers at their reception venue so I will have some photos from there to share.

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