Saturday, October 17, 2009

After: Odette's Wedding

I'm back to post some photos from Odette's wedding - and there are lots!
Here is the bridal bouquet - Odette had a posy of white roses, champagne roses and 'julia' roses, with white and cream lisianthus, white freesias, white chincherinchee buds, some dodda vine throughout and a frame of magnolia leaves with both sides of the leaf used:
This is what the two bridesmaids had - a smaller version of the brides bouquet, but with a few extra 'julia' roses in it:

The groom's buttonhole - a white rose with some dodda vine on magnolia leaves:

And the Mum's wore a dress corsage of white roses, white chincherinchee buds with some dodda vine on magnolia leaves:
The reception was held at the Trojans Rugby Club at Terrigal Haven. It's a great venue!
For the bridal table we did a long trail of dodda vine with some rose heads intertwined in it:
The guest tables had some candles in a sand bed - which suits the beach theme perfectly. And on either side of that we had a trail of dodda vine with some rose heads:
And lastly - we just put some roses on and around the cake. How yummy does this croquembouche look!!! *Drool*
That is all there is to show you from Odette's wedding. The weather was absolutely amazing for their beach wedding yesterday and I hope the wedding was just as fantastic. Congratulations Odette and Steve!!


  1. Thanks Dannii! I was so, so happy with all the flowers and all our guests commented on how lovely they were. You were so professional throughout the whole process and made us feel like nothing was too much trouble. Thanks for making everything so easy! Odette :)

  2. Odette - thanks so much! I hope you had the best day ever. I have seen some of the photos on facebook, and you looked so gorgeous, and it looked like you had a really fun day. Congrats!!


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