Saturday, November 28, 2009

Before: Sarah's wedding

Our next bride is Sarah.

Sarah came to see me a few months ago and she described the kind of bouquet she wanted as loose, unstructured, and not traditional. She found a picture in one of my flower magazines (pictured right) as the inspiration for her bouquet, but the only flowers to be used were the lilies with all of the foliages and draping grass.

For those of you who aren't my clients, I usually send my brides a confirmation of their order about a month before their weddings (and before I actually have to place my flower orders with suppliers). It gives them an opportunity to give everything one last look and make sure they are happy. It was at this time that Sarah had a few misgivings about what she had chosen so we made some minor adjustments.

Sarah knew what she wanted in her head and was trying to describe it to me so I would understand. Instead of all of the draping and messy kind of look of the bouquet, we changed it to something more structured with no draping bits. Sarah really liked the look of some folded thick leaves around the bouquet so I knew I had to include those. I think by the end of our conversation I said 'so 3 pink lilies with a few buds and then some folded leaves and other foliage'. It sounded good to Sarah so that is what I will be making for her.

Here are the flowers we are starting with:

Some camellia leaves, happy leaves and anthurium leaves, and pink oriental lilies.

I'll come back after the weekend to post some photos of how the bouquet turned out.

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