Tuesday, November 10, 2009

After: Margaret's wedding

Here are some pictures I took of Margaret's wedding flowers before I had to run off and deliver them. The bride had a wired cascading bouquet of white oriental lilies and white singapore orchids:

This is such a dodgy picture of the next bouquet! I didn't realise that I was holding the bouquet on an angle so it looks kind of lopsided. I promise that I am a much better florist than photographer! LOL!!
Anyway, it is a wired cascade bouquet for the bridesmaid of red tiger lilies, red vanda orchids and red roses:

Now for the buttonholes. The groom had a white singapore orchid on camellia leaf and his groomsman had a red vanda orchid on camellia leaf:

The church that Margaret and Neil were being married in was a cute little church at Mangrove Mountain. The 2 arrangements I made for it included red roses, white singapore orchids, white oriental lilies and some foliage (both arrangements were the same to be placed on either side of the church):

So that is all I have to show you from Margaret and Neil's wedding. I hope they had a great day!

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