Thursday, April 16, 2009

The count down to Jenny's wedding

My friend Jenny is getting married in one month today. It's crazy how you can talk about a wedding for more than a year, you think you have all this time to plan and then all of a sudden it's one month! Aaauuuuggghh!
Jenny and I met many years ago when we were teenagers and worked together. Now she is a photographer and runs her own business called Pink Lily Photography.
I can't wait to make Jenny's wedding bouquet. She is having a small hand held posy of white freesias. The bridesmaids will have the same but a smaller version. Freesias are an extremely fragrant flower and are available most times of the year.
This is the picture that Jennny's bouquet will be based on. Beautiful, simple and fresh.
I'll come back in a month and show you how it turns out!

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