Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Congratulations Delisser Photography!

Last night I attended the magazine launch of the new 2009 edition of the Newcastle Central Coast Wedding magazine.
Now when I was planning my wedding, this became my bible. It has so many vendors listed in the one place and I found it very helpful.
All of the magazine advertisers are invited to the launch so I dragged my hubby along and we actually got a lift up to the party from our wedding photographer - (who I have since become friends with) - Julie from Delisser photography and her husband Grant. This is the first time I have advertised in a magazine so I was pretty excited.
We had a bit of sparkly, some lovely canapes and then the formalities got underway.
One of things that I didn't find out until last night was that there is alot of secrecy about the front cover of the magazine. All of the photographers are invited to submit a random selection of their work that may be featured throughout the magazine. On the launch night, the front cover is revealed for the first time and the photographers find out who gets the prestigious front cover position.
Well last night as I was standing next to Julie, the cover was revealed, I heard Julie gasp and then the MC announce that Delisser Photography had won the front cover! Julie was genuinely surprised but to be honest, I wasn't surprised at all. I have always raved to people about how gorgeous my wedding photos are. Julie and her husband are an extremely talented team and they are so deserving of this accolade. I don't know how the publishers picked which photo would go on the cover because that particular wedding that Julie and Grant shot had so many breathtaking photos. Congratulations guys!
So it turned out to be a very fun and successful night in the end. We even noticed that two photos from our wedding were in the magazine!
Newcastle Central Coast Wedding magazine is released in stores today.
*These are the 2 photos from our wedding that featured in the magazine!

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