Friday, April 3, 2009

Twobirds launches in Australia

I heard a segment on The Morning Show this morning that caught my attention and I thought it may help some brides (and bridesmaids) out there.
twobirds is a boutique bridesmaid dress company that carries the multifunctional dress. The concept was created by Ariane Goldman, who was sick of spending money on expensive dresses that she could never wear again. The style of the dress means you can wrap it in different ways to create at least 10 different dresses. I think this is a great idea - I wish these had been around 6 months ago for my bridesmaids!
Bridesmaid dress shopping can be very stressful when you are trying to find a dress that flatters all of your girls. Even the current trend of having your girls in different styles but the same colour can be limiting because it means you have to get all the dresses from the same shop to make sure the colour will match exactly. So the multifunctional dress takes all the stress out of it and is flattering on all figures and pregnant bridesmaids too.
The best thing is that your girls can still wear the dress many times after your wedding. All they have to do is wrap it differently to get a new style and they can wear it over and over again.
The dress is available in 13 different colours and comes in a short or long length. If you are interested, it is available to try on at the new twobirds store in Surry Hills.

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