Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flower Of The Month

Every season there are a few of flowers that become available that I am just busting to use. And a couple of weeks ago, one of my favourites came out. I love to use it for wedding work and with a name like Blushing Bride, it would be a sin not to use it for weddings!
Blushing Bride is a native flower, however like a lot of our natives, it did not originate in Australia. It is not limited to just being used in native flower bouquets, it actually looks great with roses or tulips too. I love how delicate and fluffy they look.
Flower: Blushing Bride
Botanical Name: Serruria
Origin: South Africa
Season: Mid winter - Mid Spring (July to Sept)
Colour/s: white and pink
Meaning: NA - however with a name like Blusing Bride, I think it speaks for itself.
Here are some examples of some Blushing Brides being used in wedding bouquets.

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