Thursday, December 10, 2009

Before: Nina's wedding

A few months ago I got an enquiry on my email from Nina. The funny thing was that I recognised Nina's name straight away. She was a girl that I went to high school with! She had just filled out a random enquiry for a random florist and had no idea that I was on the other side.
We arranged a consultation and it was so much fun catching up. Nina is hilarious and we spent ages talking before we even got to organising her wedding flowers. She is planning a small casual wedding in the Hunter Valley and it sounds beautiful.

Here are the flowers that Nina will be having:

From the back there are ivory roses, pink roses, berzellia, camellia leaves, and at the front are white freesias and hot pink freesias.

Aren't these gorgeous roses? I love my rose grower.

I'll be back after the weekend to show you Nina's flowers.

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  1. Oh they are beautiful, can't wait to se your magic.


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