Saturday, February 13, 2010

After: Polly's wedding

I finally got to meet Polly! She loved her bouquet and the bridesmaids wrist corsages!

I've got quite a few photos to show you so I'll get straight to it.

Bride bouquet: posy of green hydrangea, pink david austin roses, champagne david austin roses and white lisianthus           

Bridesmaids wrist corsages: pink david austin roses and a touch of green hydrangea on a pearl wristlet

Buttonholes: the groom had champagne david austin roses and a touch of green hydrangea, the groomsmen had pink david austin roses and a touch of green hydrangea, and the Dad's had a simple pink david austin rose
The Mum's had a dress corsage of pink david austin roses:

The wedding was held at Linton Gardens in Somersby and here is what we did while we were there....

Ceremony: there is a large grassed area on site for wedding ceremonies. Polly had a carpet set up for the aisle, but we scattered some petals across the lawn leading up to the carpet. We also scattered some petals on either side of the carpet, and then had a little circle at the end where the bride and groom stand throughout the ceremony:                                        

Then for the reception, Polly had purchased some vases to sit across the bridal table. In these we just put a few stems of the hydrangea:                                

Congratulations to Polly! I hope you had a wonderful wedding day..... and I was glad to see that the rain stayed away until after the ceremony!

I hope you all liked the flowers from Polly's wedding. I'll be back soon to show you some photos from the other wedding we had this weekend.

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