Thursday, February 25, 2010

Before: Francine's wedding

This weekend we will have 2 weddings to show you.

The first one is a little bit different and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Francine is having a fan arrangement instead of a regular bridal bouquet. We are using a fan backing, then placing vine on the front of it with orchids wired through it and a focal area at the base of the fan of some phalaenopsis orchids. Does that sound interesting?? I haven't made anything like it before and I'm looking forward to getting in to it. We wanted to use water lilies for the focal area but had to change to the phalaenopsis orchids when we weren't able to get them. I think it will look fantastic.

Francine had such a bright and bubbly personality and I just know that her wedding is going to be amazing. Here are her flowers:

From the left we have some vine, behind  that some singapore orchids and then to the right in teh little vases are the phalaenopsis orchids. Here is a closer look at the orchids:

The first picture is of the Phalaenopsis Orchids, they are a white variety with hot pink lips
The middle picture is of a Singapore Orchid variety called Chanel     
And the picture on the right is of another type of Singapore Orchid called Red Lip (although I don't know why they are called that when they look to be more of a purple colour).

I'll be back on Monday to show you how the fan arrangement turns out. I am excited and nervous about it all at once! :-)

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