Thursday, February 11, 2010

Before: Polly's wedding

I have alot of brides that email me or call me about their wedding flowers and are a bit worried because they live far away and can't meet me in person to go through their flowers - actually I had one today from Canberra! Well there is no need to worry, it really can all be done by phone or email and Polly is proof of that.

I haven't met Polly yet, we have done most of our talking through email. By asking lots of questions and sending pictures back and forth, we were able to organise all of Polly's wedding flowers.

These are the flowers that we are using for Polly's wedding:

From the left there are pink david austin roses, cream/champagne david austin roses, behind those some white lisianthus and some green hydrangea and petals for the ceremony aisle.

I'll show you the photos that we are using as our inspiration:
Polly is having a bouquet similar to the picture on the left. Hers will have green hydrangea (we couldn't get the same colour as what is in the picture so we got the darker green colourwhich is in the picture above), pink and cream/champagne david austin roses and white lisianthus
And the bridesmaids are having wrist corsages of pink david austin roses, like the picture on the right:

Hydrangeas and david austin roses are 2 of my absolute favourite flowers! I can't wait to see what Polly's bouquet looks like. I'll be back to show you when I am done.


  1. oh my gosh! the DAs are DEVINE! Can not WAIT to see the finished products of this wedding!

  2. I know Nat! I have finished the bride bouquet and I loooovve it.


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