Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to my blog!

Well it has been exactly a year since I started my little blog about the business I was just about to start. Back then, I hadn't seen a bride or booked a wedding, I was still thinking about setting up the studio and what colour to paint it.

Well what a difference a year makes! The studio still isn't completely finished *hangs my head in shame* but it only really needs some light fittings and photos for the walls. But rather than focus on what I haven't done, how about I focus on what I have accomplished in the past year? 
-I have been excited to meet lots of wonderful brides
-knowing that it would take a bit of time for my name to get out there and to build a reputation (and also because couples book their wedding vendors in advance, I was prepared that I probably wouldn't actually do a wedding in the first 6 months), I set a modest target of 20 weddings for my first year. I am happy to say that target was accomplished quite easily! :-)
-I exhibited at 3 wedding expos
-created facebook and twitter accounts (see the links to the right of the page if you would like to follow me on either site)
-I have met some great vendors that I would recommend to any bride: *waves to Julie, Lisa, Odette, Jean and Melli* (well, I haven't met Melli yet but I have seen her work and love it and hope to meet her soon)!
-I have had emails from aspiring florists telling me how much they enjoy my blog and how I am inspiring them to pursue their passion for floristry
-and had over 3000 visits to my website and over 3500 visits to my blog

It has been a great first year of business for The Kissing Tree. I have to say a massive THANK YOU to all of my wonderful brides, to the family, friends and fans who have supported me, and to those of you who have been following me through here, facebook or twitter. I wonder what is ahead in year 2?!

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  1. thank you for letting us be part of such a wonderful blog and buisness.
    I always had faith in you, your dreams and ambitions. I wanted you and your talents for my wedding before you even went out on your own. I can not even begin to explain how much it meant to me to have such trust in you and to see the beautiful final product on my wedding day. You are a magician Dannii. I always said I was more picky about my flowers than my dress. you out did yourself and the end result was more than I ever could have imagined. I know you will have a lifetime of years worth of blogging because your talent is evdient and other brides can see that.
    All the best beautiful lady. I look forward to seeing many more blog birthdays. xox
    Mrs Donn


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