Friday, March 5, 2010

Before: Corrine's wedding

Another wedding for the weekend.

Corrine and I have not met... yet! But I will see her tomorrow when I deliver her flowers. We have organised her wedding flowers pretty easily through emails.

Corrine is having artificial frangipani's. At this time of year real frangipani's are a bit iffy. If it has been a very strong season and the weather conditions are still good then they should still be around. However, this year I found the frangipani season to be extremely weak. I think the constant changes of temperature hindered the season (you know what I mean... how it was hot for a few days, then a bad day or two, then hot again, then cold again.... and the cycle continued like that throughout the Summer).

Anyway, this is what we are starting with:

Artificial frangipani's in white and some in pink.

This is what the flowers look like when they arrive in their packets

And on the right of this picture is what they look like when you remove the plastic packaging, and then on the left is what the franigipan's look like once you open the flower up.

I'll be back after the weekend to show you how Corrine's bouquets looked.

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