Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bouquet Shapes: Cascading bouquet

This is the last of our series of bouquet shapes.
OK so this is the cascade bouquet. It is also known as a multiple-trail bouquet or a shower bouquet.
This bouquet can be quite large and even though it is a wired bouquet, it has more of a loose, unstructured feel to it. It is different to the trailing and teardrop bouquets because the trail does not lead to one point. It has various trails that fall from the top of the bouquet and flow down towards the floor. The trails are in random positions and can be various different lengths which can make it look as neat or as messy as you would like.
The trails can be formed by flowers or foliages. One of the easiest flowers to use for this style of bouquet is the singapore orchid. But you can use many different flowers such as roses, tulips, gladioli, hyacinths, jasmine, stephanotis and tuberoses. And the same look can be achieved through foliages such as ivy, asparagus fern, dodda vine, berries and tropical leaves.

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