Friday, January 22, 2010

Before: Amanda's wedding

It is our first wedding of 2010!

Amanda is getting married this weekend and we have been planning her wedding flowers for quite a while. She always knew she wanted to have calla lilies and she had a particular image in her mind that her bouquet would be in the shape of a heart. Here is a picture of the type of thing she had in mind:

Amanda really wanted to be able to keep her bouquet after her wedding day so there was a little bit of a debate about whether to use fresh calla lilies and have them preserved, or if we would try to use the artificial type. Once I sent Amanda a sample of an artificial calla lily to look at, she was happy to go with them. And can I say that with the heat that is expected over the weekend, I am soooooo happy that she decided on the artificials.

Here is what we are using this week:

These are the artificial calla lilies - some still in their wrapping. We are using these for the bridal party bouquet and buttonholes.

And these are fresh roses, and spray roses for some other buttonholes, corsages and bracelets. And some rose petals to be used for the aisle and petal cones.

I'll be back on Monday to show you the results. Have a great weekend everyone!

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