Tuesday, March 16, 2010

After: Alicia's wedding

Well how do you think I went with Alicia's wedding? Did my lilies open in time for the wedding or not?........ oh the stress!

Well the day before the wedding the lilies had started to split - this is a good sign as it shows that the lilies are in the process of opening. Another good sign was that the weather was no longer cold and rainy, but fine and sunny - still not the hot and humid I needed but it would do.

Usually I make wedding bouquets the day before the wedding. All of my orange tiger lilies opened so I was able to make the bridesmaids bouquets, but with not a single white oriental lily open, I would have to leave the bridal bouquet until the day of the wedding! Are you feeling my stress? I went to bed knowing that the lilies had split and with the confidence that I would wake up in the morning with the 3 open white lily flowers that I needed.

I was wrong. I woke up very early to see that they hadn't budged at all. So after a few tears I regained my composure and set off to find some lilies I could use. Luckily it didn't take long at all. My former boss came to my rescue as she had some open ones in the shop. Relief....hooray!!!!!!

So it all worked out well in the end. But the lilies and I now have a fragile relationship and it's going to take some time for them to get on my good side again.

Alicia had a beautiful beachside wedding at Toowoon Bay. The surf club there is gorgeous with the most amazing views over the beach!

Here are how Alicia's flowers looked.....

Bride Bouquet: teradrop of white artificial frangipanis with a few white oriental lilies and cordyline leaves draping and folded around the head of the bouquet

Bridesmaid Bouquets: posies of white artificial frangipani's and orange tiger lilies

Flower girls: the flower girls held baskets of rose petals (the ribbon around the handle is the same colour as the bridemaid dresses)

Buttonholes: the groom had 2 white artificial frangipani's on camellia leaf and the groomsmen had 1 white artificial frangipani flower on a camellia leaf

Corsages: the Mum's had a corsage of white artificial frangipani's on camellia leaves

If there are any other florists out there reading - I bet you all have a lily story or two! Isn't it the worst feeling just waiting to see if they are going to come through for you - and knowing that there is nothing you can do? It's the one thing I don't like about my job  - I can't control nature. And that is hard for a perfectionist like me to accept. LOL!

Alicia - I hope that you had a beautiful wedding and would love to hear all about it!

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