Tuesday, March 16, 2010

After: Kathy's wedding

This was our native wedding!

Kathy gave me a pretty free reign with her wedding flowers. I kept her informed along the way at what I was looking at and got her feedback, but she mostly just trusted me with it. She had her parents in law come and pick up the flowers the morning of the wedding so I didn't get to see her reaction and know wether she loved her bouquets or not. Mind you her parents in law were extremely happy with them so I was pretty confident that Kathy would feel the same. It was so so sweet when she called me before the wedding to tell me how happy she was and how much she loved them! Getting that feedback makes you feel all gooey inside.

Here are Kathy's flowers.......

Bride bouquet: a posy of white paper daisies, tetra nuts, sparsa, pittostrum, ficifolia nuts, kangaroo paw, tea tree, silver dollar gum, crenulata, emu grass and wooly bush

Bridesmaid bouquets: they had a smaller version with the exact same flowers as the bride (but with less of the white paper daisies as we wanted the bridesmaids to be a little bit less white than the bride)

Buttonholes: the groom had a ficifolia nut with some tetra nuts at the base and a touch of dodda vine, and the groomsmen and Dad's had just a plain ficifolia nut with the vine (sorry about the blurry picture)

Corsages: the Mum's and Grandmum's had a dress corsage of small ficifolia nuts, tetra nuts and a touch of tea tree

So what did you all think of our first native wedding? I hope you liked them.

Congratulations to the newlyweds! I hope you had an amazing day Kathy. And I want to send out my sincere thanks for giving me so much of your trust. You were a delight to collaborate with.

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