Friday, March 19, 2010

Before: Karina's wedding

We have a very easy weekend ahead with only one wedding on!

Karina is having a lovely mix of flowers. Here they are:

From the top left (clockwise): white roses, ivory roses, green privet berry, magnolia leaves, green dodda vine, white singapore orchids and some frangipani's

The vine is going to be used throughout the bouquet, but for the brides bouquet we are also going to add a little vine drop as seen in this picture (ignore all of the flowers)...

And Karina has requested that the leaves sit unevenly around the bouquet - so not an even frame right around the posies like we usually do, more something unstructured like this.....
I can't wait to see how these bouquets look. I'm a sucker for anything with berries in it, and the magnolia leaves with their green glossy front and rusty back are devine! I don't get to use either of them very often so it's a real treat when I do.

Come back after the weekend and I'll show you how the bouquets turn out.

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