Monday, March 22, 2010

After: Karina's wedding

What an absolutely beautiful day it was for Karina's wedding on Saturday!

The lead up to the day was another stressful one for me. The bride really wanted fresh frangipani's in her bouquet and I had no luck sourcing them. So I used the artificial ones instead and was extremely worried that Karina wouldn't like them.

I needn't have worried. When I delivered the flowers, Karina loved them so much that she got all teary! It was so sweet. That kind of reaction really makes all the stress, time and effort you put in completely worth it.

Here are the wedding flowers.....

Bride bouquet: posy (with a vine trail) of white roses, ivory roses, white singapore orchids, white artificial frangipani's, green privet berry, dodda vine and magnolia leaves

Bridesmaids bouquets: posy of white roses, ivory roses, white singapore orchids, white artificial frangipani's, dodda vine and magnolia leaves

Buttonholes: the groom had a different buttonhole to everyone else (which is something I like to do), he had a white rose and white singapore orchids with some vine, and the groomsmen had an artificial white frangipani with some vine, and lastly, the Dad's had a single ivory rose with some vine

Corsages: the Mum's had wrist corsages of white roses, white singapore orchids and vine, whilst the Nan's had a dress corsage of the same thing

Cake Topper: Karina wanted some flowers for her cake so we used the artificial white frangipani's and vine to sit on the top of the cake as well as on the corner of each tier. (You can also see Karina's little throw-away bouquet in this pic)

I hope you all liked Karina's flowers.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!! Karina looked amazing and I am sure a fantastic day was had by all!


  1. beautiful flowers!! mine are sitting nicely in a vase still, Karina loved hers and it was a highlight of the morning waiting for them to arrive. well done!

  2. Hi Amy,

    Thank you! I am so glad that you were all happy with them and hope everything on the day went well xxx


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