Monday, March 8, 2010

After: Danni's wedding

Well it was a big weekend and I have 3 weddings to show you!

The first wedding we had was Danni's. The poor thing had to deal with the stress of the uncooperative weather. They were supposed to have an outdoor ceremony, but the weather was doing an all seasons in one day routine and a decision couldn't be made on whether to hold it inside or out until the last minute. I hope it all went OK.

Here are the flowers......

Bride Bouquet: posy of pink roses

Bridesmaids Bouquet: posy of ivory roses

Buttonholes: the groom had a pink rose buttonhole and his groomsmen had an ivory rose

Hair Flowers: Danni wanted an open rose to pin in her hair for the reception (after she had taken out her veil)

Ceremony Arrangement: I wish I could have taken a photo of the ceremony all set up, but when I delivered the flowers it was still uncertain if the weather would allow an outdoor ceremony or if they would have to move it indoors. Two large urn arrangements were made to sit at the end of the aisle on either side of the bride and groom. There was also some petals to scatter over the aisle. Here is one of the rose arrangements (the two of them were the same)

I hope you liked Danni's flowers! I'll be back  to show you some pics from our 2 other weddings soon.

My big congratulations go out to the newlyweds! I hope your day was magical!

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