Tuesday, March 9, 2010

After: Simone's wedding

This is the last of our 3 weddings from the weekend. And there are quite a few pics to get through!

Simone wanted colourful and bright wedding flowers and that is exactly what she got. Unfortunately my camera didn't pick up the vibrancy in the colours very well, but hopefully Simone's photographer was able to.

Here are her flowers.....

Bride Bouquet: the shape of this was more of a posy but with some drapes hanging from it. The flowers used were hot pink roses, orange roses, yellow roses, blue hyacinths, blue delphinium, yellow freesias, hot pink vanda orchids, purple lisianthus and lilliana grass

Hair flowers: Simone wanted some flowers to scatter through her hair so we made some yellow roses and a few hot pink vanda orchids, and there was also a tiny little orchid hair clip for her beautiful baby girl

Buttonholes: the groom had a buttonhole of an orange rose with a touch of the lilliana grass, and Simone's dad had a yellow rose

Corsages: the Mum's had dress corsages of roses - ivory roses for the Mother of the Bride and peach roses for the Mother of the Groom

Reception Arrangement: And lastly, we made an arrangement to sit on the bridal table which included a mix of all of the flowers used in the bridal bouquet

Simone - I hope you had the most amazing day. Conratulations to you and your new husband!

Well that is all I have to show you from our weekend full of weddings. We have another two coming up this weekend, one of which is a bit different from the bouquets we have done before so I can't wait to show you. Talk to you in a few days!


  1. Hey,

    I was wanting to know what flowers come in a dark purple? I know lisianthus come in a purple..but I don't think it's dark enough. I'm getting married in October and would love for you to do my flowers... if only you lived in Voctoria! Getting some ideas of what flowers to look at in purple would be helpful.
    Love your blog and love your work!


  2. Awww thanks Bek :-)I love hearing from my readers!
    The lisianthus is probably the darkest shade of purple you can get in flowers. There are many different shades of the purple lisianthus and I have probably used the darker ones in past weddings (Tammy, Bernie and Kym's weddings are the first one's to come to mind which I did Aug, Sept and Oct last year if you want to search my blog).
    Other purple flowers to consider are calla lilies (the season starts in October so they may/may not be available), Freesias, Tulips, Anemone (these are quite a dark rich purple), Ranunculus, Sweet Pea, Stock, and Vanda orchids. You may also want to try a berry as some of those are a black/purple colour.
    There are also a few other purple flowers that are used in the shop but not as much in wedding bouquets (alstromeria, liatris, statice and gladioli)
    If you can't get the exacct shade of purple that you need, it can also look good to mix up a couple of different shades of purples and mauves together. The mauve is a lovely complimetary colour against a purple.
    I hope that gives you some ideas. Good luck.

  3. Thanks so much Dannii.
    I spoke to my florist today and I think we are just going for the Lisianthus. My maids are having orange rose and purple Lisi dome bouquets and I am having a mix of cream coloured roses and white Lisi dome bouquets. And I also love your flowergirl wand you made.. so I think I am going to do something similar. Did you have to glue the flowers on or just use the ribbon to secure?

    Thanks for the help and advice. I am super excited. And love checking your blog every week. I will continue to do so even after I am married.

  4. That will look lovely. The orange and purple together will be very vibrant.
    The wand I did was really easy. I just wired a few flowers and them placed them around the wand, taped them in place and then covered the tape with the ribbon.

  5. Thanks.. I will pass that on to my florist. I also have one more question (I hope you dont mind). Im having an Ivory Dress so I dont want distinct White bouquet.. am I doing the right thing having ivory/cream roses (3 different colours) and white lisi? What is your opinion suggestion?

  6. Hi Bek!

    Yep, I think that will look fine. There have been a few instances where I have mixed the tones of whites/ivory/cream. I personally think it gives the bouquet a bit more depth.

    There are a couple of bouquets you can look at that I have done where I have used both ivory and white. Bernie's bouquets (I think that was in Sept), and Nina's bouquet (in December) would be ones to check out. Nina's professional pictures are actually good to look at because she had an ivory dress, ivory roses, white freesias and berries. You'll see that the ivory rose looks much darker against the ivory dress, so if some white roses were mixed in with it, it would still look fine. Another thing is what white rose is your florist going to get? Some white roses like the variety called 'Akito' are a very strict white, whereas a few others that are classified as white (like the variety called 'Advance') have an ivory tinge to it.



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