Thursday, May 28, 2009

Look what I found on the White magazine website

It's the wedding bouquet I did for Juliet!
I did Juliet's wedding last year. It was the first wedding that I did at home - and it was all a big secret. One of the disadvantages of being a florist, is that the bosses I previously worked for told me that I wasn't allowed to do weddings from home. It's pretty common practice to be told that. If someone wanted me to do their wedding, they had to come in to my work and ask for me.
That never did sit right with me as I didn't want to turn away family and friends. What was I supposed to say if my best friend asked me to do their flowers? No? I don't think so!
So when my wedding photographer asked if I would like to make the flowers for Juliet's wedding I was very hesitant as I wanted to stick to the rules, but then thought - well why shouldn't I? It was weird having to do it all in secrecy from my boss, but I didn't want to get fired just for trying to get more experience under my belt.
Juliet and I met a few times and she was so fun. She chose a posy bouquet of cream roses, white freesias and blue hyacinths, framed with camellia leaf. For her bridesmaid and gorgeous flower girl, she chose smaller posies of cream roses and blue hyacinths.
You can see some photos of Juliet's wedding in the link here (photos by Delisser photography).
Juliet doesn't know it but I owe her (and my photographer Julie for introducing us) alot of thanks for getting The Kissing Tree off the ground. Being told by my bosses that I wasn't allowed to do weddings from home, in my own time, is what got me thinking about being my own boss and not having anyone else place their restrictions on me. And actually making Juliet's bouquets, seeing how they turned out and how happy Juliet was with them, gave me the confidence to go out under my own name. So thanks Juliet! I'll always remember you as the very first The Kissing Tree bride.

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