Monday, May 25, 2009

New Wedding Magazines out now

Oh no. It's that time of year again when all of the new editions of my favourite wedding magazines are released, and I have to avoid all of the newsagents so that I don't indulge my addiction to them. Here are some new ones that I have noticed on the shelves over the last couple of weeks: White Magazine: I love this magazine for all of it's local content (especially the real weddings) of the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle.

Cosmo Bride: this is my favourite of all of the wedding magazines. Doesn't the cover look just gorgeous? It always takes my breath away and I always found so much inspiration from them.

Bride To Be: an oldie but a goodie. I never liked how loaded this one was with advertising, but I am definately in the minority as others seem to love it and find it extremely helpful. Mind you - when I was wedding planning, I would still buy every edition so I couldn't have had too much of a problem with it. So do any of you have a favourite? Or at least have some advice on how to cure my magazine addiction? Or is it OK to still buy wedding magazines even 6 months after your wedding? (Please say yes). LOL!

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