Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Weekend Summary

I'm finally back after a busy weekend.
I've got lots of photos to show, so first I'll start with Jenny's wedding which was on Saturday.
Jenny had white freesia posy bouquets for her and her 3 bridesmaids. They smelt absolutely gorgeous!
All packed up and ready to deliver: And on Sunday I was an exhibitor at the Diggers at The Entrance wedding expo. It was my very first expo so I was a little nervous, especially when everyone kept telling me about the few hundred people that were queued up outside waiting to get in. I needn't have worried though because it was easy. I had fun, spoke to alot of brides and met other exhibitors who were also at their first expo so I was in good company. Here are some photos from the day. Me all set up at my first expo:
And here are some close ups of the bouquets I made
and the photo of this purple one looks a bit dodge, but its because I was holding the bouquet on a bad angle towards me. It makes the bouquet look like it's a weird shape but I promise you that it was actually round. Thanks to everyone that came to see me. I really appreciate your support. Now I need to start thinking of ideas for next months Getting Hitched expo at Mingara. If you have any suggestions.... let me know.

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